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How to get bot lobbies using the vpns listed on our website:

That's right, you can get call of duty bot lobbies using the vpns listed on this website!

The Sbmmoff vpn and Nolagvpn do not work like traditional vpns, they route only the match making portion of your traffic over the vpn. This allows your game data to remain untouched and give you an awesome low ping no matter the vpn location you connect to.

The game will then prioritize your connection above your KD level forcing you into a server located close to you thus bypassing the skilled based match making.

This will result in a decrease overall of the average lobby KD level you will encounter.

These vpns are how many of the top streamers get into "bot lobbies" dropping high kill games.


warzone 2 bot lobbies - warzone 2 vpn


You can get into "Swagg bot lobbies" and "Nadia bot lobbies" by using a vpn.

Top streamers such as Swagg and Nadia have been rumoured to be using the vpns listed on our website to get into low KD "bot lobbies".






To find out which vpn is the best vpn to use in call of duty warzone and other call of duty games, head over to our call of duty vpn comparison page.



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