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Warzone vpn list:

Searching for the best vpn to use when playing call of duty can seem like a daunting task.

The vpn market is saturated with many vpn companies out there offering their services.

We have out lined some key things to be considered when purchasing a vpn and we have given you some great recommendations on what vpn is best for call of duty games including Warzone 1 & Warzone 2.


What makes a good vpn:

Having as low a ping as possible is very key when selecting which vpn to choose as is having as many server locations as possible for you to connect to.

Picking a vpn that also has the capability to influence skilled based match making is another thing one should consider when purchasing a vpn.

The two most popular warzone 2 vpn & warzone 1 vpn are listed below, all of them can help influence skill based match making in order to help you get bot lobbies.


Call of duty vpn comparison:
Features Sbmmoff Vpn Nolagvpn
Vpn server locations 42 10
Low ping ✔️ ✔️
Geo fence inlcuded


Bot lobby vpn ✔️ ✔️
Good discord & email support ✔️

Strict vpn servers ✔️

Works with all call of duty games ✔️

Discount code available ✔️

Our rating Sbmmoff vpn nolagvpn
Website url Visit website Visit website


Ease of use:

Both Sbmmoff and Nolagvpn are easy to use however Sbmmoff is the easier of the two vpns, with Sbmmoff vpn you only ever need to hit the "update servers list" button to get all of the latest servers added into your vpn list.

With Nolagvpn the process is a little more tedious and requires you to login to their website and then download configs for each country and then load them manually into your vpn list.


Vpn design:

The look and feel of each vpn is very different, Sbmmoff vpn has many options including a help section, server update function and many many more options.

The Nolagvpn has a very limitted amount of options and no help section is available on the vpn client itself.


Sbmmoff vpn:

sbmmoff vpn







Our conclusion:

Sbmmoff vpn is our pick due to having a huge amount of connection options and locations.

With just 10 servers on the Nolagvpn there really is no competition and we have to recommend Sbmmoff vpn with its 42 server locations around the world!

The Sbmmoff vpn also has a huge discord community, with over 10,000 members discussing the best servers and sharing their results with each other on a daily basis.



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