Most popular call of duty vpn

When it comes to finding the right vpn for call of duty you need look no further, we list the best vpns, their pros and their cons.

Most people that use a vpn for call of duty are looking for one of two things, sometimes both!

Low latency (low ping)

Easy lobbies (bot lobbies)

The vpn menntioned in this blog post offers both low latency and easy call of duty lobbies.

The first vpn we will look at is called Sbmmoff vpn and is the most popular vpn in call of duty aimed at providng a super low ping and easier call of duty lobbies.

The vpn itself has over 42 countries to chose from, exsclusive "strict" vpn servers and a thriving discord community with over 10,000 members sharing their recents results and "go to" vpn server locations.

The Sbmmoff vpn discord server also has a wide range of faq's and guides for trouble shooting any issues or questions that you may have.

This vpn is a special type of vpn that doesn't operate like a tradiional vpn.

Traditional vpns funnel all of your internet traffic over the vpn to whatever country you select on the vpn, this is not a good approach for gaming as it will add latency (high ping) and packetloss.

Sadly, I am sure if you have ever tried to use Express or Noord vpn you will have a good idea of what i am talking about.

Well Sbmmoff vpn works in entirely different way to a traditional vpn, instead of routing all of your traffic over the vpn to the country you select, this vpn funnels only the match making data from call of duty over the vpn.

This means that since your game data (packets) are not routed over the vpn, your ping will remain super low and you will not suffer from any packetloss whilst using the Sbmmoff vpn.

The game however assumes that since you are connected to a far away vpn location that you must have a high ping and as compensation, the game will force you into a connection based game which will results in finding a game super fast and less based on your KD (kill / death) ratio.

Thus this is how many people including top streamers get put into low KD lobbies when playing call of duty.


Their vpn client:

warzone 2 vpn


The vpn client for Sbmmoff vpn is based on the popular "openvpn" protocol, which means it connects to servers super fast while making sure that all of you data is encrypted for maximum security.

The vpn offers a whole selection of vpn servers from all around the world, it has a help button built in which when clicked gives you a whole host of useful information about using the vpn, including trouble shooting steps.

It has been rumoured that Faze clan Swagg and the popular female twitch stream Nadia use this vpn to connect to destinations such as Kenya and Brazil, both of which are available as vpn locations on this vpns server list.

It's super easy to stay up to date with the latest vpn locations as there is a nifty little "update server list" button included within the vpn software which when clicked will connect to the Sbmmoff master server and download the latest vpn servers right into your vpn server list.

Nice and simple, and effective.