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Frequently asked questions:
Can i get banned for using a call of duty vpn?
NO, vpns are used by many top streamers and it is not against the terms of service to use one if you wish to do so.


Won't i get a high ping by using a vpn?
No, your ping will remain ultra low giving you the best connection possible.


Will these vpns change my ip or hide my identity?
No, the vpns listed on our site do not change your ip address or hide your identity in any way.


Can i get call of duty "bot lobbies" with these vpns?
Yes, it is possible to find "bot lobbies" while using these vpns.


Is it true some streamers use these vpns?
Yes, many streamers use vpns for content creation or to achieve a low ping and or to help combat skill based match making in call of duty games such as warzone 1 and warzone 2.